Here are the worksheets for choir:

Starting 3rd Quarter my choir students will be doing daily worksheets in class. There are about 3 worksheets in a unit and at the end of the until there will be a test. Also, there may be pop quizes along the way.

    "The key to developing intelligent, artstic choral musicians lies in ensureing the students' understanding not only of the technique of singing, but also of th erudiments of music. If students do no tunderstand the musical language in both written and aural form, they will never proceed beyond rote learnigng to the ability to learn rewarding advanced repertoire. This series was created primarily for students who have previously sung only by rote. It has been successfully used to help those students become accomplished sight-readers and lifelong choral musicians."

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Why a New Theory Course?
Counting Rhythm
Key Signatures

Here are a lists of the different units (BEAMS owns the reproducible rights):

Unit 1
    1.1: Beginning Rhythm
    1.2: Rests
    1.3: Time Signatures, Dotted Half Notes, and Double Bar Lines

Unit 2
    2.1: Clefs
    2.2: Reading Music
    2.3: Treble Clef Notes
    2.4: More Practice with Notes of the Treble Clef

Unit 3
    3.1: Music that Moves by Step
    3.2: Other Notes in the Treble Clef
    3.3: Review

Unit 4
    4.1: Bass Clef Notes
    4.2: More Practice with the Bass Clef

Unit 5
    5.1: More Notes in the Bass Clef
    5.2: Crossword Puzzle
    5.3: Rhythm Review

Unit 6
    6.1: Eighth Notes
    6.2: Eighth Rests

Unit 7
    7.1: Dynamics
    7.2: Ties and Slurs
    7.3: Note Review

Unit 8
    8.1: Intervals
    8.2: Dotted Quarter Notes
    8.3: Articulation

Unit 9
    9.1: Half Steps
    9.2: Accidentals and Half Steps
    9.3: Whole Steps
    9.4: More Practice with Dotted Quarter Notes

Unit 10
    10.1: Key Signatures
    10.2: Key Signatures with Sharps
    10.3: Writing Key Signatures with Sharps

Unit 11
    11.1: The Major Scale
    11.2: Major Scales and Tempo Markings
    11.3: Repeat Signs

Unit 12
    12.1: Flat Key Signatures
    12.2: More Practice with Flat Key Signatures

"Music Theory for Choirs" is by Laurel Larsen
Masterworks Press
6706 Miner Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98512-7259

If you find this page, print it and bring it in for extra credit.